img-coachingOur coaching at 4 heads takes the form of discreet and individual consulting specifically designed for the needs of the individual in top management positions. We provide a highly confidential context in which to discuss particular concerns and issues, where background and veiled dynamics can be brought to light, and individual resolution strategies can be developed. The motivation for coaching frequently arises from personal or company-related transition phases.

Frequent topics:
  • Strategic and tactical challenges
  • Conflict in the stress triangle of management, proprietor, family
  • Succession planning/generation hand-over in family businesses
  • Self-reflection and personal development
  • Conflict and crisis situations
  • Stress management and work-life balance
  • Preparation for public appearances
  • Phases of new orientation
  • Specification of personal style of management
  • Reinforcement of role clarity
  • Heightening management and executive competence
  • Overcoming performance, creative or motivation blocks
  • Health management
  • etc.

Procedure and methodology

The first meeting will establish the concerns, pre-conditions and goals as well as the time anticipated for the coaching process. The foundation for a trusting work relationship is laid. Once the general conditions have been ascertained, an intensive analysis of the initial situation commences.


During the course of the sessions, the coach and coachee work together to reflect on relevant background details. Veiled psychological dynamics will be made accessible and internalised, and pertinent value systems examined. Interventions and measures for change are planned carefully in a dialogue-reflective setting and implemented under consideration of possible interactions and consequences.
Our modus operandi is consistently resource and resolution oriented, based on the principles of systemic consulting concepts. Moreover, our work is influenced by our familiarity with intra- and inter-psychic dynamics, epistemological considerations and constructivist approaches, modern neurobiological findings and significant leadership and communication theories.

The coaching can be successfully conducted within a reasonable timeframe for the client, depending on personality, goal and background to the problem. As a general rule, 4 heads

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