bilder_pholosophieIn 4 heads coaching we follow a multi-method approach. Theories and concepts from varying schools of thought are integrated in our work, aspects which have proven to be sound and beneficial for our clients in the course of our many years of consulting activity.
We apply not only systems-theoretical and constructivist considerations (Watzlawik, v. Glasersfeld, v. Foerster), but also our own multifaceted psychological know-how. Our approach is based on leadership- and communication-theoretical concepts as well as psychodynamic approaches which are relevant in the professional context.


With regard to the very complex dynamics within family enterprises and entrepreneur families and the multilayered interactive systems of family, proprietor and management, we use personal experience in this context on the one hand, and on the other we draw on our many years of professionally accompanying families in (at times) difficult conflict situations.

In these cases we can apply our systemic and psychological knowledge of conflict dynamics in family systems and groups to great advantage.
Moreover we have far-reaching medical knowledge of the most recent neurobiological research results (W. Singer, M. Spitzer, A. Damasio), including the (in part) ground-breaking findings on the principles of reciprocity between experience, perception, awareness and reality constructions. We have recourse to this background time and again.

Ultimately, the key concern is the “confidential, intelligent and illuminating talk”, whereby the reasons for the individual’s behaviour, feeling and thinking become apparent. By strengthening the individual decision-making competence and extending the scope of evaluation, new authentic resolution-approaches emerge for those professional and personal challenges in focus.

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